May 2012

The Most Important Reggae Artists Of All-Time

Reggae has had a fascinating history with many of its native sons experiencing worldwide recognition for their work. The first artist that comes to anyone’s mind when discussing Reggae is the legendary Bob Marley. Marley shot to stardom in the early 1970s with his groundbreaking group The Wailers. The seminal Wailers album Catch A Fire was released in 1973 with the Burnin’ album released a year later. Eric Clapton’s cover of I Shot The Sheriff brought worldwide recognition to Marley’s songwriting.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Reggae

Reggae music was born on the island of Jamaica in the 1960s, evolving out of two of the country’s most popular local music styles of the time, ska and rocksteady.

In terms of its sound, reggae places rhythmic accents on the off-beat, and is generally played at a slower tempo than ska or rocksteady. Lyrically, many reggae songs feature social or political commentary, although love, community, and religion, particularly Rastafarianism, are popular themes for reggae lyrics as well.

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Reggae: Which Artists Changed The Face Of Music

Reggae was first developed in Jamaica in the 1960′s. It is a mix of the ska and rock-steady genres of music. It is known for its social criticism in songs, but some artists have made happy and upbeat music as well. No one can mistake a reggae song, with its rhythmic guitar sounds, slower tempo and drum emphasis that comes on the third beat. The music is so infectious and influential, that even rock bands like The Beatles Continue Reading »

Why You Should Be Listening To More Reggae

There is a lot of music that you can listen to while when you need to relax. Some people choose classical music. Others choose easy listening spa or new age sounds. One genre that many people overlook is reggae. This can be a music form that puts you in the most relaxing mood.

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All You Need To Know About Reggae’s Cultural Impact

There is a lot to be said for the profound impact that reggae music has had on pop, hip hop and R&B culture. It’s become something that has grown far outside of the boundaries that it was once placed in. This is evident from the songs that are created and the television shows and movies that these songs are featured in.

Bob Marley may be the only Marley that never won a Grammy, but his music is influencing a lot of the singers that are winning today. Rhianna has an undeniable influence from the work of Marley and so Continue Reading »

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