There is a lot to be said for the profound impact that reggae music has had on pop, hip hop and R&B culture. It’s become something that has grown far outside of the boundaries that it was once placed in. This is evident from the songs that are created and the television shows and movies that these songs are featured in.

Bob Marley may be the only Marley that never won a Grammy, but his music is influencing a lot of the singers that are winning today. Rhianna has an undeniable influence from the work of Marley and so does Grammy winner Lauryn Hill.The full explanation can be found at

Reggae music has even influenced artists in the pop sector. Colbie Calliat likes the mellow vibe that is reminiscent of some reggae tracks. Others may hear the influence of reggae in hip hop. This may be where the biggest influence is found. Lot of this has to do with mix tapes.

Some music lovers might say that reggae has become mainstream. It has a huge fan base. It is no longer restricted by the boundaries that held it away as a foreign genre. Today this form of music is as close as your nearest music store.